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Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 Review: A Great Choice for Beginners

If you are looking for a video editing software that is easy to use, affordable, and packed with features, you might want to consider Adobe Premiere Elements 2018. This software is designed to help you create your first video projects using a combination of still images and video clips. In this article, we will review some of the main features and benefits of Adobe Premiere Elements 2018, as well as some of the drawbacks and limitations.

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Features and Benefits

Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 offers a clear and simple interface that guides you through the video editing process. You can choose from two views: Quick and Expert. The Quick view presents you with four tracks: one for text, one for video clips and images, one for narration, and one for audio clips. The Expert view allows you to create multiple audio and video channels, and edit audio in stereo. You can also switch between the views at any time.

You can import media files from various sources, such as your hard drive, camera, phone, webcam, or DVD drive. You can also rename, apply metadata, and organize your files as you import them. You can drag and drop your media files onto the timeline, where they will snap together magnetically. You can also trim, split, crop, rotate, and adjust the speed of your clips.

One of the highlights of Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 is the guided edits feature, which provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform common tasks and achieve creative effects. For example, you can learn how to remix an audio clip to fit the length of your video, remove background haze from your footage, create a bounce-back effect, or add a freeze frame with motion title. There are 18 guided edits in total, covering both basic and advanced techniques.

Another feature that sets Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 apart from other video editing software is the smart trim feature, which uses artificial intelligence to automatically cut out the boring or shaky parts of your video. You can also use the candid moments feature to capture the best still shots from your video clips. These features can save you a lot of time and effort in editing your videos.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 also offers a variety of video effects, transitions, titles, and graphics that you can apply to your clips. You can adjust the color, brightness, contrast, and saturation of your videos using the fix tools. You can also add some fun filters, such as cartoon look, old film look, or sepia tone. However, compared to some other video editing software, Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 does not have many options for stickers or animations.

Once you are done editing your video, you can export it in various formats and resolutions. You can also upload it directly to YouTube or Vimeo from within the software. You can also burn it to a DVD or Blu-ray disc using the included disc menu templates.

Drawbacks and Limitations

While Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 is a great choice for beginners, it is not without its flaws. One of the main drawbacks is the slow output rendering speed, which can take a long time depending on the length and quality of your video. You might want to use a fast computer with enough RAM and storage space to avoid frustration.

Another limitation of Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 is that it does not support some of the latest video formats and technologies, such as HEVC (H.265), 360-degree VR, or 3D video. If you want to work with these types of videos, you might need to look for another software that supports them.

Finally, some users might find the interface of Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 outdated and cluttered. The software has not changed much in terms of design since its previous versions. Some of the tools are also given confusing names or icons that are not intuitive. For example, eLive (Elements Live) is a set of articles, tutorials, and videos that are presented as a blog within the software. It would have been better if Adobe Premiere Elements used a more similar layout to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which is its professional counterpart.


In conclusion, Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 is a video editing software that is ideal for beginners who want to create their first video projects using a combination of still images and video clips. It offers a clear and simple interface, guided edits, smart trim, candid moments, and ample video effects. However, it also has some drawbacks and limitations, such as slow output rendering speed, no support for HEVC, 360-degree VR, or 3D video, and an outdated and cluttered interface. If you are looking for a video editing software that is easy to use, affordable, and packed with features, you might want to give Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 a try.


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