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Bootstrap 3 Layout Editor Crack

Default checkboxes and radios are improved upon with the help of .form-check, a single class for both input types that improves the layout and behavior of their HTML elements. Checkboxes are for selecting one or several options in a list, while radios are for selecting one option from many.

bootstrap 3 layout editor crack

If your form layout allows it, you can swap the .valid-feedback classes for .valid-tooltip classes to display validation feedback in a styled tooltip. Be sure to have a parent with position: relative on it for tooltip positioning. In the example below, our column classes have this already, but your project may require an alternative setup.

Images are commonly used in the mega menus of many e-commerce websites, especially for fashions websites, as they are eye-catching and impress users.Here is the layout of this mega menu:How to build

Brazil is known to serve as a key strategic country for trafficking cocaine from Latin to North America and Europe [1]. In this regard, the central-west region (the states of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Goiás) is a recognized passageway for drug trafficking to the rest of the country and to foreign countries. According to a national household population survey, the central-west region currently shows the highest rates of use for both snorted and smoked crack cocaine and the highest prevalence of lifetime use for smoked cocaine [2].

A total of 1,305 patients were admitted to the Chemical Dependency Unit. Among them, 959 (73.5%) had a history of crack cocaine use, 693 were identified as eligible, and 600 were enrolled in the study (86.6%). All participants were previously informed about the objectives of the study, and provided written informed consent. The interviews were face-to-face in a private setting at the hospital. We modified and used with permission a questionnaire previously used in the National Research Study on Crack Use in Brazil [3]. Data on sociodemographic characteristics, risk behaviors, and drug use profile were collected. After the interview, blood samples were collected from all participants for HIV serology and molecular analysis.

In 12 out of 17 crack cocaine users (70.6%), sequences of the PR and RT regions of the HIV-1 pol gene were generated and analyzed. Seven of the 12 (58.3%) were infected with subtype B, one (8.3%) with subtype F1, and one (8.3%) with subtype C. Three participants (25%) had BF1 recombinant forms (Fig 1): one with FPR/BRT and two with BPR/FRT.

Possible transmission clusters of subtype B clade were investigated constructing phylogenetic trees with four different datasets. Phylogenetic analyses were performed using 199 subtype B sequences from the same endemic region (S1 Fig), BLAST selected sequences including 52 subtype B sequences with high similarity (above 95%) (S2 Fig), a third dataset including 40 subtype B sequences retrieved from the Genbank which were collected among 10 Brazilian intravenous drug users [17] and 30 from prisoners collected in the same geographical region [18] (S3 Fig). The fourth data set included 95 BLAST selected isolates with high similarity (above 95%) with subtype B, C, F1 and BF from our study (S4 Fig). None of the phylogenetic analyses performed indicated the existence of transmission clusters among our samples defined by clustering with bootstrap >70%.

We investigated 600 crack cocaine users admitted to a referral hospital that attends to patients from the public health system in the city of Goiânia. In this population, some social characteristics such as education and race/ethnicity suggest better socioeconomic conditions compared with being recruited/living on the streets [13, 21, 22], although they have common risk behaviors.

Since only 15.5% (93/600) of participants were women, they were disproportionally affected by HIV-1 compared with men (6.5% vs. 2.2%). In general, female crack cocaine users reported a higher sexual risk behavior than men, in particular, exchanging sex for drugs/money. In addition, they are highly vulnerable to sexual violence and abuse, both of which have been associated with HIV infection [21, 26, 27]. In fact, in this study, 51.1% of women reported exchanging sex for drugs/money (vs. 15.3% of men), and 37.1% suffered sexual violence (vs. 7.1% of men) (data not shown).

Crack cocaine is a stimulant drug that reduces the perception of risk, self-care, and social values. The user is usually more concerned about getting the pleasures related to the effects of the drug than adopting safety measures to preserve their physical and mental integrity. Therefore, neglecting condom use during sexual intercourse is a common practice among them [21]. The present findings support this assumption; 190 crack cocaine users reported having unprotected sex, and this behavior was marginally associated with HIV-1 infection.

Many crack cocaine users are socioeconomically marginalized, and a large proportion live on the streets or in unstable housing conditions [21, 31]. In this study, one out of five crack cocaine users reported living on the streets within the last 6 months. Thus, this variable was considered a predictor of HIV-1 positivity, supporting the health and social harms related to crack cocaine use.

As previously reported, our study found a higher prevalence of HIV-1 among individuals who reported more intensive crack cocaine use (>10 rocks/day), supporting the notion that a high level of dependence on illegal drugs has been associated with a higher prevalence of risk behaviors [32].

This study found the predominance of subtype B, followed by recombinant forms (BF1) and subtypes C and F. This distribution is similar to that found in Brazil as a whole [33], except in the southern region where subtype C is predominant. It is noteworthy that the detection of HIV-1 subtype C among crack cocaine users in Goiânia supports the circulation of this isolate among drug users in the central-west region. HIV-1 subtype C has rarely been found among drug users outside the southern region. However, in a recent publication [17] about a survey of HIV-1 among drug users from eight Brazilian cities outside the southern region, subtype C was identified only in Campo Grande and Brasilia, both cities in the central-west region.

Four of five ART-naive crack users showed minor mutations to PI (polymorphisms) which can lead to phenotypic resistance to PIs in future ART-treatment since the development of PI resistance generally requires the accumulation of both major and minor mutations in the protease.

Subtype B study sequences and 199 subtype B sequences from the same geographic region, retrieved from the GenBank were used. The phylogenetic tree was generated using neighbor-joining under Kimura's two-parameter correction model (MEGA version 5 software) and transmission clusters were defined by bootstrap >70%.

Subtype B study sequences and 52 BLAST selected subtype B sequences with similarity above 95%, retrieved from the GenBank were used. The phylogenetic tree was generated using neighbor-joining under Kimura's two-parameter correction model (MEGA version 5 software) and transmission clusters were defined by bootstrap >70%.

Subtype B study sequences and 99 subtype B sequences of prisoners from the same geographic region and from Brazilian intravenous drug users, retrieved from the GenBank were used. The phylogenetic tree was generated using neighbor-joining under Kimura's two-parameter correction model (MEGA version 5 software) and transmission clusters were defined by bootstrap >70%.

Study sequences and 95 BLAST selected subtype B, C, F1 and BF sequences with similarity above 95%, retrieved from the GenBank were used. The phylogenetic tree was generated using neighbor-joining under Kimura's two-parameter correction model (MEGA version 5 software) and transmission clusters were defined by bootstrap >70%.

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