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FromSoftware has recently released a new patch for Elden Ring, their latest RPG, but while some gameplay updates in the patch are extremely obvious, others are less so. The nerfs of extremely powerful weapon skills such as Bloodhound Step and Corpse Piler, for instance, were long awaited by players, but other updates in Elden Ring's 1.06 patch are far more subtle and hard to notice if players aren't actively looking for them. These include small buffs to certain weapon move-sets, the elimination of sequence-breaking glitches used by speed-runners, and even a new option for progressing a certain questline.

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To progress through Elden Ring's White-Faced Varré and his questline (Varré being the NPC representative of the blood-obsessed in-game faction called The Bloody Fingers), Elden Ring players previously needed to accept the Bloody Finger PvP item from him, then invade players in other worlds with it at least three times. The 1.06 update, however, added a new NPC character players can invade in offline mode (his invasion sign can be found near the Writheblood Ruins in Altus Plateau). After defeating Magnus the Beast Claw, a Tarnished who wields a massive Great Stars mace and uses Bestial Incantations, Varré's quest dialogue will progress as if the player had performed their requisite set of PvP duels/invasions in Elden Ring. Besides letting players with no interest in PvP complete a dark yet interesting questline, this new change also makes it easier for speed-runners to gain access to the Mohgwyn Palace region, a popular location for farming "Rune" experience points.

There is a glitch speedrunners use called jump lock, when you parry just as you land, instead of jumping, the next input for jump will just be a parry at the same spot, it is very annoying as this game focuses a lot on dodging and maneuvering, you not being able to jump suddenly will end with you being punished by losing your health, maybe even your life.


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